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Saturday, September 06, 2003
We play by the rules. As long as they're our rules.
Microsoft: Asia not playing fair over OS | CNET News.com: "A plan by Japan, China and South Korea to develop an operating system alternative to Microsoft's Windows software could raise concerns over fair competition, Microsoft said Friday.

Japan, the world's second-largest economy, made a proposal at an Asian economic summit this week to build an inexpensive and trustworthy open-source operating system that would be based on a system such as Linux, which can be copied and modified freely"

The Japanese government is proposing to develop a more robust and secure platform as a result of the latest round of security "features" demonstrated in Windows. For some reason, apparently Microsoft doesn't think they should have the "Freedom to Innovate". Or perhaps we're seeing another example of Microsoft's definition of "Innovate": to find new ways to make people give money to Microsoft.

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