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Sunday, July 20, 2003
Dean in the NY Post

The Post is anything-but-liberal, so it's very interesting to see what they'd have to say about Dr. Dean. It's a mix...

The best proof of how Howard Dean has spooked the other 2004 Democratic presidential candidates could be found yesterday in the shrill tone of Sen. John Kerry's slashing attack on President Bush, all but painting him as liar-in-chief.
"President Bush should tell the truth - and get out of the way and let us find the truth - about the intelligence gap," fumed Kerry, claiming Bush is stalling probes into 9/11 and fudging the facts on Iraq.
Speaking in The Bronx, Kerry sounded as if he was trying to sound just like Dean. In fact, it sounded as if Kerry was kicking himself - hard - for having ever voted for the Iraq war last fall and wishing he'd been a naysayer from the start, like Dean.
"You get the feeling they're hiring Jayson Blair to write their speeches," said Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi, referring to the New York Times reporter who had to quit because of plagiarism.

Good line from Trippi, and the Post surely enjoyed the chance to take a poke that the Times. But it goes a bit downhill from there.

It was a dramatic show of how Dean is pulling the Democratic Party hard to the left - throwing red meat to liberal activists, infuriating Bush loyalists and polarizing the electorate.

I thought the "Dean is too far left" meme was dying out, but I guess it's still flopping around and gasping for air. Better news in the next graf, though:

It also shows that Kerry, an early Democratic front-runner, is now acting as if Dean has taken the lead. And that may well be right. A rival campaign (not Kerry's) says its polling now puts Dean first in Iowa, the first Democratic presidential test.
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