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Friday, July 11, 2003
Quick! Hold This Bag!

The administration and their allies continue to paint a bullseye on George Tenet to be the fall guy for the State of the Union liesmixup. Directors of the CIA, however, do not generally go gently into that dark night. For that reason, they seldom make good scapegoats. It's going to be very interesting watching what comes out of the CIA in the next few days.

The Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee criticized the CIA on Friday for "sloppy handling" of faulty information that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Africa, and specifically blamed CIA Director George Tenet.
"So far, I am very disturbed by what appears to be extremely sloppy handling of the issue from the outset by the CIA," Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas said in a statement.
"If the CIA had changed its position, it was incumbent on the director of Central Intelligence to correct the record and bring it to the immediate attention of the president. It appears that he did not," Roberts said.
"This is not the type of responsibility that can be delegated to midlevel officials. The director of Central Intelligence is the president's principal adviser on intelligence matters. He should have told the president and it appears that he failed to do so," Roberts said.
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