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Saturday, July 26, 2003
Shoulda Used That Respirator, Tom

Tom DeLay, speaking to college Republicans:

"'While everyone else got the memo that big-government, blame-America-first liberalism died with disco, the Howard Dean Democrats still want to party like its 1979. Maybe we should thank the Democrats for shedding their moderate clothing to reveal their true swinging-seventies selves. Frankly America doesn't need a president in a hot-pink leisure suit,' DeLay said.

'Just look at their presidential candidates: it's like they're lost in a time warp. They want to tax like Mondale, spend like Carter, and fight like McGovern,' DeLay said."

Personally, I think Tom must have breathed a bit too much insecticide in his old job. But if he really wants to find the big spender, all he has to do is look down at the other end of the Mall. And while ol' Tom probably gets lots of yuks from the faithful with cracks about McGovern, the parents of the GIs who have died in Iraq probably wouldn't find it as funny.

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