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Friday, July 25, 2003
Show 'em how it's Done, Dan!

Daniel Schorr, veteran of Watergate, remembers how to not believe everything he hears.

A school of thought is emerging that Saddam Hussein was not so much covering up his possession of banned weapons as his lack of them.

The Wall Street Journal reported that in 1990, weeks before the Gulf War, Iraqi scientists ran an unsuccessful test of a biological agent called ricin, made from castor beans, and then scrapped the program.

In The Washington Post, columnist David Ignatius speculates that Hussein's science adviser, Amir Saadi, and Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz are being kept under wraps by the American authorities because they might testify that the dictator had long since destroyed his weapons of mass destruction.

This is a very good point, and one that's not getting nearly enough attention. Before the war, Bush said what was needed was not more time, but more cooperation. Well, we have the majority of the "deck of cards" now, including people like Saadi and Aziz, but nothing is forthcoming about any huge damaging revelations from them. Why?

Schorr concludes:

The president insists that piles of weapons will eventually be found. Blair says that piles of bodies are enough to justify the war.

As the days and weeks drag on with no sign of an arsenal of banned weapons, it looks as though the occupiers of Iraq are slowly moving their thesis to the idea of the right war for the wrong reason.

It remains to be seen whether that switch in the propaganda line will fly.

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