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Wednesday, July 16, 2003
This isn't going to make things easier...

From a BBC report:

A series of attacks on US forces in Iraq on Wednesday has left one soldier dead and at least five others wounded.
A missile was also fired at an American transport plane as it landed at Baghdad airport in what a spokesperson said was possibly the first such attack during the conflict.
And in another incident, the pro-American mayor of the western Iraqi town of Haditha and one of his sons are reported to have been shot and killed.
The new spate of attacks comes as correspondents say US forces in Iraq are becoming increasingly nervous and desperate to return home.
A US spokeswoman, Sergeant Amy Abbott, said a surface-to-air missile was launched at a C-130 transport at 0845 (0445 GMT) on Wednesday but missed its target.
"I have not heard of any incident of this type," she added.
The car of Haditha's mayor, Mohammed Nayil al-Jurayfi, was ambushed as it drove through the town, about 240 kilometres (150 miles) north-west of Baghdad, Arab satellite network Al-Jazeera reports.
The BBC's Peter Greste says Iraqis working with Americans are becoming increasingly frightened about the risk to their own lives.
He says translators are worried about reprisals from the militias.

It looks like now we not only need to worry about defending our troops, but also anybody brave enough to work with them. And if SAM attacks on US planes become common, it's going to be increasingly difficult to get people and supplies in and out. Oh well, at least we got Saddam. What? We didn't? Oh, come on. Next you're going to try to tell me we haven't found any WMD, either.

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