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Friday, July 25, 2003
What do you have to do to get fired?

If you only read one political blog, you could do a whole lot worse than to have it be Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo. Thanks to him for these items.

Hadley: What we know is, again, a copy of the memo comes to the Situation Room, it's sent to Dr. Rice, it's sent -- and that's it. You know, I can't tell you she read it. I can't even tell you she received it. But in some sense, it doesn't matter. Memo sent, we're on notice.

Steve Hadley White House Q&A July 22nd, 2003

We did not know at the time--no one knew at the time, in our circles--maybe someone knew down in the bowels of the Agency, but no one in our circles knew that there were doubts and suspicions that this might be a forgery.

Condi Rice Meet the Press June 8th, 2003

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