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Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Where Did I Put that FOIA Form?

In the new Harper's that just came today, there's a partial list of some videotape titles in the US Secret Service library. It notes, "The public may borrow any of the tapes from the agency by filing a Freedom of Information Act request." I'm not sure what to go for first....
Assassinations and Attempts Worldwide
Chemical Accident Incident Operation
Egg Throwing -- Kennedy Detail
Ghandi, Rajiv, Assassination of
Incidents with Various Protectees
IRA Booby Traps
JFK Shooting
Kennedy Assassination in Dallas
Liberian Government Overthrows
Mondale Mishap
President Bush Japan Incident
Reagan Incident, Las Vegas
The Stalking of Ronald Reagan
Tapes of Wrath -- Gag Reel
Various Assassination Attempts

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