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Sunday, August 17, 2003
Break out the calico cats!
Exclusive: Ashcroft’s Campaign to Shore Up the Patriot Act OVER THE NEXT three weeks, Ashcroft plans to swoop into 18 cities, give speeches, meet local officials and grant select press interviews touting department successes using the law. In a conference call and e-mails last week, sources tell NEWSWEEK, the country’s 94 U.S. attorneys were instructed to help gin up support by convening “community meetings,” writing op-ed articles in local newspapers and ensuring that uniformed cops are seated in bleachers behind the A.G. during his visits.

I've never been able to convince myself that the stories about the Attorney General believing that calico cats are evil were completely true, but it would be a wonderful symbolic protest if people would show up at these meetings with as many calico cats as they could manage, just to see Ashcroft's reaction.

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