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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Guess God wanted the talent back...
Rush Is Right: Recall Lottery Part of Democrat Strategery : "The Democrats probably do have, actually, a strategy now. The strategy out there probably is for the U.S. Ninth Circus Court of Appeals, when this is all over. Simply go to your buds on the court and say it wasn't fair. They'll probably go straight to this alphabet that they've come up with out there. On Monday, state election officials randomly drew letters to determine the order of the October 7th recall ballot which, by the time it is finalized, could have nearly 250 candidates on there. They thought that it would be unfair to use conventional alphabetical order, so they had a lottery. "
Followed by significantly more bloviating about how "[n]one of this is fair. It's all cockeyed and cockamamie. This liberal fairness protocol will be the cause of a whole bunch of voter confusion, which the liberals will then tout as the reason to take legal action if Davis loses, maybe going to the U.S. Ninth Circus Court of Appeals." Then Rush cites an AP article, but that article says, "The state has used this system since 1975 to help erase the estimated 5 percent advantage a candidate gets from being at the top of the ballot, Shelley said. The sheer number of candidates vying to replace Davis turned the routine process into a six-minute grab bag." So much for the idea that this is a new devious "strategery" invented by the Democrats.
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