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Saturday, August 30, 2003
I always did like Lowell Weicker

I lived in Danbury, CT, when Mike Dukakis ran against George Bush. At the same time, Democrat Joe Lieberman was trying to unseat sitting Republican Senator Lowell Weicker. My wife and I did some phone bank work for the local Democrats, mostly polling and reminding people of when the election was going to be. It was amazing how many people told us they were going to vote for Bush and Lieberman, or for Dukakis and Weicker. I remember Weicker from the Watergate hearings, from well before I ever lived north of the Mason-Dixon line, and had liked him ever since.

FOR 30 YEARS, Lowell Weicker considered Richard Nixon our worst president, but now he has a new nominee.

"I think George W. Bush is the worst president we ever had," Weicker told me recently. "I was on Nixon’s case because of his disdain for the Constitution, but Bush can stand right next to Nixon on that."

Good to hear he's not lost his outspokenness.

On edit: fixed link to the opinion piece containing this item.

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