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Thursday, August 21, 2003
Knee-jerk libertarians

I recently saw an amusing description of a libertarian as someone who, when shown how something is working in the real world, says, "Yes, but how would it work in theory?" The folks over at Reason magazine's blog provide a good illustration of this...

Hit & Run: "If you haven't at least encountered the Sobig virus in your inbox you must not get much email. Estimates are that 75% of all mail could be Sobig or a Sobig-caused error message. Time to retool the system.

The only possible solution is sender-pays email. Right now we have a classic tragedy of the commons situation where spammers and abusers have the most incentive to turn the email network to their own purposes."

The only possible solution? How about fixing the software monopoly that's responsible for putting out software that is better at propagating viruses than anything else?
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