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Thursday, August 07, 2003
Meetup for Dean

I attended last night's meetup for Howard Dean in Albany, NY. We had about 140 people split over two venues. Reports from other places: 48 in Greensboro, NC, >300 at four sites in Boston (plus two more meetups in Cambridge), over 200 in Houston, 35 in San Diego North, 50-75 in Paramus NJ, eight meetups in Portland OR, about 60 in two meetups in southern Oregon, 25 in St. Cloud MN, 60-70 in Los Altos CA, about 200 in Kansas City, 50 in Lansing MI, 50 in Akron, 30 in North Hollywood, 40 in Knoxville TN, 80 in Monterey CA, 16 in Parkersburg WV, >100 in Silicon Valley North, 40 in Setauket NY, 180 at two of three meetups in Seattle, 110 at two sites in St. Paul MN, 250-300 in San Francisco, 100 in Pasadena, 32 in Harrisburg PA, 52 in Ithaca NY, 20 in Tokyo (yes, Japan), 50 in Tulsa, 47 at one of two sites in Bellevue WA, 40 in Flagstaff AZ, about 400 in Austin TX, 20 in Stockton CA, 50 in Santa Fe, and many other places....

This is grassroots volunteerism, not centrally organized. These are the kinds of people who will go to caucuses, write letters, canvass for voters, take people to the polls. All over the country. Anybody who doesn't think Dean is electable should look at that link.

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