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Thursday, August 07, 2003
Mission accomplished?
CNN.com - Harris Whitbeck: Worst attack on 'soft target' since Baghdad's fall - Aug. 7, 2003 : "A car bomb exploded Thursday outside the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad, killing as many as 10 people, including five Iraqi guards, according to Iraqi and U.S. officials."
The attack occurred around 10:30 [Thursday] morning local time. A powerful bomb exploded. Investigators believe it was packed in a minivan, which was parked in front of the diplomatic compound. The explosion was so big that -- so forceful that it brought down an outer wall of the embassy compound. It also destroyed several vehicles that were parked alongside that building.
The U.S. has expressed its concerns that "foreign fighters" might be infiltrating into Iraq and that they might be trying to launch terrorist attacks against American interests and against the interests of those perceived to be supporters of the American effort in Iraq .

So much for any theory that we have control over the situation in any significant way.

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