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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
No, seriously. Just don't breathe.

An update on this item courtesy of a letter writer to Eric Alterman:

Eric Alterman: Altercation I work at a Nuclear Power Plant. We have four foot thick reinforced concrete walls around an interior steel liner to protect the reactors. Since 9/11 I can no longer bring my children to work on weekends (while putting in unpaid overtime - “productivity gains”). But forty miles east I can drive right up to the distillation tower that makes Phosgene (WWI mustard gas) at one of the many chemical plants in the area. (Phosgene is a precursor chemical in some pesticides - scary in and of itself). Hell will freeze over before a terrorist breaches a U.S. Nuclear Plant. A serious, deadly chemical disaster requires only incompetence and cost cutting (Search term: Bhopal); wonder what would happen if someone meant to release poison gas?
But seriously, who'd want to do that? Why, that's as crazy as thinking that someone would hijack a plane and fly it into a building!
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