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Saturday, August 23, 2003
Nouveau lexicography

From those wacky folks at the Oxford Dictionary of English (aka the OED), some of the things now considered o-fish-al words, prefixes, and suffixes:

actionable, added value, -adelic, airfare, alpha (usage as alpha male), -athon, attachment parenting
bada bing, biosphere, Birkenstock, bitch-slap, blamestorming, blog, blonde moment, (the) bomb, booger, booty call, bootylicious, brochureware, bupkis, burn rate
cannoli, category killer, CD-R, CD-RW, CGI, coopetition, CRM, crowd-surf, cube farm
daisy-cutter, (Grateful) deadhead, defrag, DNS, DoS
egosurf, endian, ERP
fab (a microchip), feh, fibromyalgia, FireWire, foo fighter, four-by-four
google (as a verb)
hacktivist, hedge fund, high-maintenance
IMAP, -ista
jihad, jump (the shark)
Kraut rock
Linux, logistics
magnet school, malware, mile(-high club), mission creep, mobo, muggle
one-hit wonder, open source, overclock
PDF, Perl, PGP, prairie-dogging, pre-prepare
ralph, roaming (cell phone), roofie
SAN, schmo, servlet, shout-out, SMTP, SSRI, Stepford, sysadmin
terminator gene, thinko,
upsell, VPN
warchalking, warez, WMD
For definitions and the whole list, check here.
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