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Sunday, August 24, 2003
Now! Freeze your brain without increasing your waistline!
Yahoo! News - 7-Eleven Introduces Calorie-Free Slurpee : "Slurpees have been a steady seller in 7-Eleven stores since the 1960s, but many devotees who first tasted the slushy treat as kids are grown up and worried about their waistlines. The convenience-store company is trying to win those customers back with its first calorie-free Slurpee."

They're hoping that the Diet Pepsi Slurpee will increase sales to women, dieters, and diabetics.

Bizarre Slurpee factoid:

Fiery Phoenix is one of Slurpee's weakest markets, Ryckevic said, while two of the best are Detroit and Manitoba, Canada. The average August high temperature in Manitoba is 59 degrees.
via South Knox Bubba.
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