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Saturday, August 30, 2003
See, is really is a Republican!

Arnold lies. Or lies about lying. Or lies about having lied. And smoked pot. And lied about it. Or didn't.

NY Daily News - front - Sex & drugs just stories, says Arnold: " Arnold Schwarzenegger laughed off his lewd bragging about sex and drugs in a decades-old skin magazine yesterday, saying he was just trying to be outrageous.

'I haven't lived my life to be a politician,' he told a radio host, using the embarrassing old quotes to highlight a top asset: his outsider status.

'Obviously, I've made statements that are ludicrous and crazy and outrageous and all those things. I was always out there.'

But the 1977 Oui magazine interview, which surfaced in an eBay auction of an old copy and soon rocketed around the Internet, brought new attention to a 1988 Playboy interview in which the wanna-be California governor denied ever using drugs.

'Never in my entire life,' Schwarzenegger told Playboy. 'Nor has anyone so much as smoked a joint when I was there. Or sniffed coke. Or taken any drugs.'

Schwarzenegger has since admitted using pot in the '70s.

Campaign spokesman Sean Walsh dismissed the Playboy denial, saying, 'This is really a nonissue.'"

At any rate, it's a "nonissue". Move along. These aren't the droids you're looking for.
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