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Tuesday, August 26, 2003
What's the story with Pennsylvania Congressmen?

First Ashcroft, then Santorum, now this:

The New Republic Online: Bombs Away: "t seems safe to assume that Curt Weldon is the only member of Congress who carries his own nuclear weapon. Not a real one, of course, but a decidedly realistic replica, which the Pennsylvania Republican showed to me in his office on a recent July afternoon. It sits within a large black leather briefcase with combination locks. Weldon hauled the case onto a table, popped the latches, and flipped it open. Inside, there was a long steel cylinder surrounded by electronic components. These were the detonator gun, the neutron generator, and the bright red arming switch, Weldon explained. He said a device like this would yield a one-kiloton blast--enough to level the Capitol and everything else within four blocks. He had the prop built for him by a former CIA agent now working on his staff, after learning a few years ago that some so-called 'suitcase nukes' may have gone missing from the former Soviet Union--a still-unsubstantiated claim that Weldon brought to the world's attention. 'I was the one who broke the nuclear-suitcase story!' he boasts. "
He's also got a suitcase that he describes thusly: "I could take this down to Metro Center and leave it on the platform. It can discharge a liter of sarin gas in fifteen minutes."
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