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Monday, November 10, 2003
43 Million People without Health Insurance
Yahoo! News - N.C. Woman Explains Anthrax Hoax : "
A woman charged with addressing a letter marked 'anthrax' to the White House told federal investigators she did it because she thought she could get better medical care in prison.

Rhonda Kay Smith told a Secret Service agent that she 'decided to make a plan to commit crimes until she was arrested in September in order to receive better medical treatment,' according to documents filed in federal court.

Smith was indicted last month on charges of using the mail to threaten the president and of threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction against the U.S. Postal Service.

Smith's letter, which tested negative for anthrax, read: 'I'm going to kill you! Mr. President Enjoy the Anthrax.'

Smith suffers from diabetes and lung problems. Her lawyer, Stephen Lindsay, said his client requires oxygen and takes various medications.

'I think it's fair to conclude that if you put all that together, you have another person like so many people in the country who, by the time they pay for their serious health problems, have nothing left to live on,' Lindsay said."
In an interview at Broughton [mental hospital], Smith told another Secret Service agent that she had seen a news report in which a doctor said "there are people who fall through the cracks in medical treatment and that prisoners receive better treatment than many people on the streets."

And people ask me how the Democrats can run against Bush if the economy improves?
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