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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Breast Intentions
Breast Intentions
Earlier this month, Kate Geary took her infant daughter to a Utah Burger King. When she started breastfeeding the tot, a customer complained. A manager was summoned, and Geary was told to stop committing public nourishment or have the decency to repair to the bathroom. This whole incident might have remained a piece of small town gossip, except that women who breastfeed are extremely protective of their right to feed their kids mother’s milk whenever their tykes are hungry.
And well they should be! The column is actually very pro-breastfeeding, describing it as "the first-ever healthy meal actually being consumed in the fast food chain" as well as pointing out that the manager who told her to feed her baby in the bathroom was violating Utah state law. New York, I'm proud to say, had the first law protecting the right of mothers to nurse their babies in public. If you're going to have a baby, please make breastfeeding your first choice. It's best for mom, best for baby, best for the world. And a lot cheaper than buying formula.

Contact La Leche League for information or help with breastfeeding.

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