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Sunday, November 16, 2003
Hope for the next generation.
My boys are very curious - I think all kids are. And we encourage them to express themselves. A few days ago, I got the following:

This is a drawing of a Howard Dean rally by AJ, who's nearly 5. There's a flagpole at left with a US flag above a "Dean" flag. Just to the right of the flag, there's a person on a platform with "sound waves" over his head as he speaks. The stars in the center are fireworks, and the purple squiggle on the right is a snake. AJ appears to have confused Dr. Dean with St. Patrick, as the rally is driving the snake away.

Nick, who's 8, was a bit more ambitious. His stapled-together book, Right Wing: What do you think you're doing? is already a New York Times best-seller. Opening the book, we find this:

What this book is about:

This book is about politics and right wing propiganda and the war in Iraq. And how-to-select candidate running for presedent. [spelling and punctuation faithfully reproduced. -ed]
Chapter 1: The Lies Bush Said
Chapter 2: How to Select Your Candidate, with sections on Howard Dean, John Kerry, Wesley Clark, John Gepart, and Bush (for Reelection).
Chapter 3: What Bush Did Wrong

I didn't put them up to any of it, or help out at all. Hmm. Must be all that NPR, and the fact that their Mom and I actually discuss political issues around them. I'm tremendously proud of them.

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