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Friday, November 21, 2003
Oh no, this is nothing like Vietnam
Rockets Hit 2 Baghdad Hotels, Oil Ministry (washingtonpost.com):
" Insurgents deploying rocket-launcher-equipped donkey carts [emphasis mine] attacked symbolically important and well-fortified buildings in Baghdad Friday, just hours after a top U.S. commander proclaimed progress in the military's newly aggressive high-tech counter-insurgency operation.

The donkey-cart offensive hit the Sheraton and Palestine hotels here, which house reporters and American contractors, including employees of a subsidiary of Halliburton, Inc., as well as the Iraqi oil ministry, where bureaucrats displaced from a number of government departments do their work.

The damage to buildings and the injuries to people were relatively contained. Few people were at work early Friday, a holy day here.

The damage to the military's reputation here could not be measured.

The rockets came 'one after another,' complained Abu Mustaffa Abbas, whose home faces the oil ministry, one of the rocketed facilities. 'There is no security. They cannot even protect themselves. So why are they here?'"

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