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Friday, November 21, 2003
Oh, now this is funny.
The big advantages of the Republicans holding their convention so late are
  1. They get to use unlimited primary funds as long as possible, and
  2. they put it close to 9/11.
The big disadvantage is that it puts the selection of the nominee after the deadline for getting on the ballot in some states. Like Illinois, where the Democrats seem to be both having some fun and getting their money's worth out of the experience.
To get the deal done Republicans in the House had to agree to two things. First, they had to waive more than $900,000 in election fines - nearly all of them levied against Democrat Secretary of State Jesse White. Second, they had to agree that in next year's elections, any paper ballots containing "dimpled" or "hanging" chads are counted as yes votes for a candidate. Sound familiar?

The really fun part comes when you learn that the bill is going to be considered in the state Senate along with an ethics bill, and some Republicans are considering scuttling it. Illinois is probably a safe Democratic state in the general election, but wouldn't it be a kick if Bush wasn't even on the ballot?

via RealClearPolitics.

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