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Thursday, November 06, 2003
One more for the trifecta...
This from Bad Culture:


Investigations and outstanding violations leveled against dozens of industrial facilities for breaking air pollution laws, including some refineries in the Houston area, will be dropped unless the cases meet a more lenient interpretation of the law recently finalized by the Bush administration.

The re-evaluation will absolve from further enforcement virtually all power plants and some other industries accused or suspected of past violations of the Clean Air Act, environmentalists and a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official said Wednesday.

I suppose you could call that the ex post contribution definition. And then,

Bush administration officials have drafted a rule that would significantly narrow the scope of the Clean Water Act, stripping many wetlands and streams of federal pollution controls and making them available to being filled for commercial development.
Julie Sibbing, a wetlands policy expert at the National Wildlife Federation, said, "It's like writing off the entire Southwest from the Clean Water Act, where water is more precious than in any other region of the country. Up to 80% to 90% of streams in the Southwest would not fall under the Clean Water Act if this rule were to go forward."

What's left?

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