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Friday, November 14, 2003
Politics? Heavens!
You can't make this stuff up. K-Lo from the Kiddie Corner:
The Corner on National Review Online:
"Rick Santorum a few minutes ago pleaded with his Dem colleagues to 'Stop now.' He warned that if they don't stop the filibustering, when there is a Democratic president, the GOP will never allow another liberal top pass through the Senate. No more Ruth Bader Ginsburgs. Etc. I know what he was aiming for, but I'm just hoping the evening newscasts don't pick that up as their soundbite. The message will be: BOTH parties are all about partisan politics. Pols being pols. Yada. If only there were a soundbite of Charlie Schumer or one of the California Babses admitting that women and minorities who are conservative are simply unacceptable."
Classic up-is-down-ism. Let's hope the news doesn't pick up what our guy actually said, while wishing there was a soundbite of what we wish the other guys said. But it's the other side that's partisan.
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