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Sunday, November 02, 2003
Actual, unretouched, letter to the editor from my local Sunday newspaper here in lovely upstate NY.
Albany, N.Y. -- timesunion.com:
"While watching 'Meet the Press' last Sunday, I understood Sen. Chuck Hagel being for Sen. John McCain before the election of President Bush. Since then, the kind of control and good decisions President Bush has made was as if with the hand of God. I cannot see McCain being mentioned as an alternative to President Bush.

This war was opposed by Americans because we hate war. But, the reality is, we were cautious about another attack that this time would cause millions of casualties in the U.S.A. The good judgment of President Bush has saved many American lives, even if we are losing some Americans to fight this pre-emptive war.

There was a great hue and cry as to why we didn't know more about the threat of 9/11 -- the claim was we didn't act soon enough and therefore we were condemning the newly elected President Bush.

Well, now he is acting and, with much support in this world, getting results that are better than dreamed of.

So get off his back. You liberals are obviously politically motivated but at this point are un-American in the extreme."

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