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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Yes, reservation for "Rosy Scenario", please? That's S-C-E-N...
Congressional Memo: Spending Discipline Proves Unfashionable This Year: " The Medicare bill about to clear Congress is the latest example of how budget discipline is being given short shrift at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, critics here and on Wall Street say.

By official calculations, the tax cuts and increases in benefits enacted this year alone will increase the national debt by more than $750 billion over the next decade, and the actual amount could be much larger."

"[T]he actual amount could be much larger." That's kind of like "your mileage may vary", or "professional driver on closed course". Or "the check is in the mail."

This has gone beyond mere questions of whether a balanced budget is the right policy to pursue. The policy of the current Congress and administration is simply paying off their campaign contributors and bribing voters with the taxpayers' money, and devil take the hindmost. I'm starting to think that Bush is already convinced he's going to lose in 2004, because I can't imagine him wanting to be in office when some of these budget chickens come home to roost. Or maybe he thinks he can just do the "aw, shucks"-and-jive bit indefinitely. Or maybe Condi isn't reading him anything but the funnies.

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