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Monday, December 01, 2003
Aren't we supposed to be the good guys?
The good: We're going to release 140 prisoners from Guantanamo.

The bad: According to Time, activities leading toward release of the 140 prisoners have accelerated since the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case. It said U.S. officials had concluded some detainees were kidnapped for reward money offered for al Qaeda and Taliban fighters.

The ugly, part I: It took us two years to figure out that some of these people we've been holding incommunicado are innocents?

The ugly, part II: Slated for release were "the easiest 20 percent" of detainees, a military official told the [Time] magazine. It did not identify its source, who said the military was waiting for "a politically propitious time to release them."

Great whomping Jeebus, we're waiting for a politically propitious time to release them? If we know they're innocent, how can we justify holding them one minute longer than necessary? Does this administration have no respect for human rights at all?

And, for a moment, just imagine what you'd be hearing from the likes of Rush if these were Americans being held by a foreign country until "a politically propitious time".

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