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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
I'm confused again. Help me out.
IBM is planning on moving about 4,700 programming jobs to India, China, and other countries. Well, you say, that's the free market at work! All hail the free market! So what's this, then?
In a speech this fall, IBM chief Sam Palmisano defended the practice of going to Asian countries for skilled labor, saying those nations not only offer lower wages but also have invested heavily in education and modern communications networks.

He said the United States should respond with increased investments of its own to remain innovative.

"China, India, South Korea and other rapidly developing nations are replicating the structural advantages that historically have made the U.S. the center of innovation," Palmisano told the Council on Competitiveness in Washington on Oct. 30.

"increased investments" sounds suspiciously like he's calling for (gasp!) more government spending. And moving jobs offshore to take advantage of spending by the Indian government.
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