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Wednesday, December 24, 2003
Merry Christmas to the timber industry
From Reuters:
The Bush administration opened up undeveloped areas of the largest U.S. national forest to logging on Tuesday, scrapping a Clinton-era rule aimed at protecting the wilderness.

The U.S. Forest Service announced that it will exempt the Tongass National Forest in southeastern Alaska from a national rule prohibiting timber cutting in roadless areas. The decision means about 300,000 acres (121,400 hectares) of dense, old-growth rain forest will be available for logging.

The Tongass is America's last old-growth temperate rain forest. But man, it's no good if it's not out there generating profit. Preferably for large GOP contributors.
The two sides [environmentalists, fishermen, and hunters vs. loggers] disagree about the effect of roads on the forest. Environmentalists say they damage the habitat, while development advocates say they allow local residents better access to the forest for a variety of uses.
You know, that doesn't sound like they disagree about what the effect of the roads is, just about whether the effect is good or bad.
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