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Saturday, December 13, 2003
What is this man talking about?
David Brooks, writing from another planet with apparently much less oxygen than this one:
Op-Ed Columnist: A Fetish of Candor:
"I think we are all disgusted by the way George W. Bush's administration has allowed honesty and candor to seep into the genteel world of international affairs.

Until the Bush team came to power, foreign relations were conducted with a certain gentlemanly decorum. The first Bush administration urged regime change in Iraq, without sullying itself with the Iraqi peasants actually trying to do it. The Clinton administration pretended to fight terrorism without committing the sin of unilateralism by trying very hard."

Let's see, this would be the same Bush administration which claimed - over and over - that not only did Saddam have WMD, but we knew (whether from satellite photos or Rumsfeld's ESP) where they were? And the same Clinton administration that actually captured a number of the people behind the first WTC bombing? And that appears to have finished off any WMD-making capabilities Saddam did have in 1998?

"Honesty and candor"? Please. How about some honesty and candor about who exposed Valerie Plame? No, I think the right word is unelectable.

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