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Thursday, March 30, 2006
"Satanic" art?
Oh, give me a break. That bastion of the Extreme Right Wing With Counter-Rotating Eyeballs and Screechy Voices, WorldNet Daily, has an article about a new movie produced by "devout Catholics" about satanic imagery in Church art. Grab your tinfoil hats, kids, we're going throoooooough the looking glass on this one!

If the whole premise wasn't bizarre enough, it becomes completely laughable when you look at their "experts". First, there's Wilson Bryan Key, who made a splash back in the 1970's peddling the "Subliminal Seduction" business. Then there's Judith Reisman, who seems to believe that most of the evil in the modern world came from the Kinsey Institute. To say that these two are obsessed with sex is like saying that Michael Jackson is a bit odd.

The movie is called Rape of the Soul (warning: noisy), and the web site doesn't disappoint. It's a monument to bad taste having an acid trip. I don't think even Joe Bob Briggs will be able to sit through this one.

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