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Sunday, May 21, 2006
Come on, at least tell me the good lies.

Secretary of state Condi Rice appeared on Meet the Press this morning, and made a truly remarkable statement: that there's no one who would like to close the camp at Guantanamo Bay than the Bush Administration. Which leads to the abundantly obvious question: What's stopping them?

Seriously, do they have to ask someone's permission? Whose? Can't "Decider" Bush just "decide" to do it and order that it be done?

The fine folks at CorrenteWire contribute this:

Here are a few facts about the 500 to 700 prisoners left at Guantanamo, as assembled by a group of law students at Seton Hall, using government records only: 55% of those prisoners are not accused of any hostile act towards this country, only of being members of suspicious groups; only 5% were even captured by US Forces, on or off a battlefield; only 8% are listed as fighters. Some of them were detained because they were wearing Casio watches; I kid you not.

This, of course, didn't stop Condi from putting a cherry on top of her Sunda(y,e) lie by labeling the prisoners at Gitmo as dangerous terrorists. I'm certain at this point that I have never in my life felt that I was so held in contempt by by Government. They don't even bother with the good lies anymore.

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