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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Fascism creeps in on little cat feet...

Yes, another Sandberg reference. I have no doubt that he'd be classified a dangerous radical if he were alive and writing now, especially after seeing what seems to be passing for "maintstream" opinion, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

Did this week mark the first return steps to bipartisan sanity in the war on terror? The Senate Intelligence Committee approved Gen. Michael Hayden to run the CIA by a 12-3 vote. And by helpful coincidence, the Supreme Court decided 9-0 in Brigham City v. Stuart that the police can make a warrantless entry into a home in which people are in imminent danger of physical harm. As we all are now.[emphasis mine]

Got that? Anyone out there who still thinks the right hasn't been completely overtaken by its authoritarian elements, here's the WSJ - not some fringe publication - staking out the position that it's a good thing if the police can make a warrantless entry into, well, any home they want.

Remember, the fascists don't advertise themselves as fascists. That would be too easy. No, they prefer the "super-patriot" role.

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