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Saturday, May 27, 2006
The Missing Link

No, not Bush.

A study from the University of Leicester indicates that

[P]eople who have suffered life's hard knocks while growing up tend to be more gullible than those who have been more sheltered, startling new findings from the University of Leicester reveal.

A six-month study in the University's School of Psychology found that rather than toughening up individuals, adverse experiences in childhood and adolescence meant that these people were vulnerable to being mislead.

The research analysing results from 60 participants suggest that such people could, for example, be more open to suggestion in police interrogations or to be influenced by the media or advertising campaigns.

The study found that while some people may indeed become more hard-nosed through adversity, the majority become less trusting of their own judgement.

Suppose this could explain how so many right-wingers can simultaneously make a fetish of making it on your own and the school of hard knocks yet seem endlessly gullible about the likes of Rush, Hannity, Bush, et al?

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