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Thursday, May 18, 2006
The O'Reilly Fracture

He's lost it. Gone round the bend. Cracked up. Bats in his belfry. Yes, I'm talking about the man who's trying to retire the "Worst Person in the World" award, the pugnacious Bill. O. Reilly. (as they say on his radio intro).

Pointing out that O'Reilly said something particularly insane may have the unfortunate side effect of leading people to believe that he periodically says things that are sane, but sometimes you just have to take the chance. On the May 16 edition of The O'Reilly Factor, he had this gem (emphasis mine):

O'REILLY: Now in 1986, President Reagan thought he could solve the [immigration] problem by granting about 3 million illegal aliens amnesty. The New York Times was in heaven, editorializing back then, quote, "The new law won't work miracles but it will induce most employers to pay attention, to turn off the magnets, to slow the tide." Of course, just the opposite happened. But the Times hasn't learned a thing. That's because the newspaper and many far-left thinkers believe the white power structure that controls America is bad, so a drastic change is needed.

According to the lefty zealots, the white Christians who hold power must be swept out by a new multicultural tide, a rainbow coalition, if you will. This can only happen if demographics change in America.

I particularly like the "white Christians" bit. Has a sort of "KKK" ring to it. But I wonder if O'Reilly has considered for a moment that Mexico's population is 89% Roman Catholic and 6% Protestant? Looks like he doesn't even think that "brown Christians" are OK.

In the words of a true great American, "what a maroon."

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