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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
They told two friends, and they told two friends....

Hat tip to the wonderful folks at firedoglake for analyzing the latest filings in the Libby case, and spotting this fascinating item:

Mr. Libby can rebut this theory [that Administration officials engaged in a vigorous effort to discredit Wilson by outing his wife] by showing that his conversations with reporters about Mr. Wilson and his trip were necessitated by, and focused upon, the false information being spread by Mr. Wilson, and were not focused upon Mr. Wilson's wife. In that regard, he may seek to elicit testimony from other Administration officials — including, for example, his subordinates in the Office of the Vice President (OVP) — to testify that they too were intent on rebutting Mr. Wilson's criticism on the merits; that they saw his wife's CIA affiliation as a peripheral issue [emphasis mine] (at most); and that they were never instructed by Mr. Libby to disseminate information regarding Ms. Wilson's CIA affiliation to the press.

So Libby's "subordinates" knew about Plame's CIA status. Which should have been "need to know" material. What did they do, post this at the White House water coolers?

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