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Saturday, May 20, 2006
Well done, Mr. Bonds.

Finally. Barry Bonds ties the Babe.

A lot of people are incensed about this, and about Bonds in general, and I have to confess that I don't quite understand why. Yes, he almost certainly used steroids. But he's never tested positive for them. And we know for certain that Jason Giambi used them, and he's hearing nothing but cheers in the Bronx. Bit of a double standard? Sure seems that way to me.

Do I think steroids are bad for baseball? Absolutely. That's why I'm glad they're testing for them now. But look at it this way for a moment: Bonds was certainly not the only player using steroids, and none of the others have done what he's done. You also don't know how many pitchers were using, or how much it may have helped them. From where I sit, there's no even vaguely rational way to look at it and say what Bonds would "probably" have done without steroids, because he's such an outlier in performance. And without contemporary proof, I think baseball -- and the fans -- should just let it drop. I know he's not the most likeable guy in the game, and I'm not suggesting that he somehow deserves Cal Ripken-like treatment, but the facts are the facts. He is nearing the end of an amazing career, and people should deal with that.

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