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Friday, June 02, 2006
Friday Random Ten
  1. The Sad Tale of the Farmer's Wife, by Annabouboula (Greek Fire)
  2. Kopykat, by Primm (SxSW 2005 Showcase)
  3. 135, by Two Cow Garage (SxSW 2005 Showcase)
  4. Take the Long Way, by Po Girl (SxSW 2005 Showcase)
  5. Dealin' With the Deal, by The Swiftys (SxSW 2005 Showcase)
  6. Gina, by Tribal Nation (SxSW 2005 Showcase)
  7. Day-O Tripper, by Really Interesting Audio Adventures (Sounds for the Sun-Set)
  8. Genius of Love, by Tom Tom Club (Tom Tom Club)
  9. Nothing to You, by Two Gallants (SxSW 2005 Showcase)
  10. I Decide, by What Made Milwaukee Famous (SxSW 2005 Showcase)
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