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Monday, June 05, 2006
Well, that's going to win lots of hearts and minds.

If somebody had told you in 1998 that within ten years the US would be seriously considering dropping a significant section of the Geneva Conventions from the Army field manual, you'd probably have said they were crazy. One of the things I hate about this Administration is how often you end up sounding like a tinfoil-hat crazy just talking about what they're doing.

The particular section is Common Article 3, which applies to all detainees – not just POWs – and forbids "humiliating and degrading treatment".

I can't believe these people. Even if you take the most positive view and say "we wouldn't treat people like that", there are now a lot of people in the world who have seen the Abu Ghraib photos and certainly do believe we would treat people like that, and omitting this section from the field manual is going to convince them that Abu Ghraib is a model for future operations, not an aberration.

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