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Saturday, April 22, 2006
God, save me from your followers

A wise man once said, "in any argument, there will be people on your side whom you will wish were on the other side." This is probably more true for God than for most of us. Here's the latest example.

Laura Mallory of Loganville filed an appeal last week to get the best-selling book series [Harry Potter] out of the [Gwinnett County, GA)] schools' media centers. She is an evangelical Christian who has three children at J.C. Magill Elementary School.

"I think the anti-Christian bias — it's just got to stop," Mallory said. "And if we don't say something, we'll just keep getting pushed out of the schools. And I pay taxes, too, and I think that gives me a voice to speak out about this."
Mallory said she has been contacted by other Christian parents who were concerned about the content of the books. On her complaint form, she suggested they be replaced by C.S. Lewis's "Chronicles of Narnia" series or Tim LaHaye's "Left Behind: the Kids" series.

She admitted that she has not read the book series partially because "they're really very long and I have four kids."

"I've put a lot of work into what I've studied and read. I think it would be hypocritical for me to read all the books, honestly. I don't agree with what's in them. I don't have to read an entire pornographic magazine to know it's obscene," Mallory said.

Sure. Christians are getting "pushed out" of schools. Just to establish that you're working from a firm base in some other reality. Once you've established that, why bother actually reading the books when you can make up your mind based on what other people are telling you about them. And replacing them with "Left Behind"? Good grief. Why not just go straight to toilet paper? At least that would have some use.

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