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Sunday, April 02, 2006
Values Neutral
The folks at ValuesVoter.org have quite the little manifesto going. There are a few things in it that pretty much nobody could disagree with, but that's just the nougat that holds the really nutty bits together. For example:
[M]oved by our faith in God and this republican creed we join together now to defend representative self-government against the greatest assault it has ever faced.
You think they're talking about the President lying the country into war and basically claiming to be above the law? Not a chance, pilgrim.
We have thrice led our Allies to victory against foes that enacted the worst possibilities of human depravity.
Um...thrice? What on earth are they talking about?
Under the guise of scientific knowledge, and a fallacious separation of religion from public life, they have thrown off the yoke of reason, and denied our sovereign right to acknowledge, as a people, the existence and authority of the Creator.
Eeeeaaaarrriiight. It's such a relief that we don't see churches everywhere we go, and that we finally made it illegal for anybody in government to end speeches with "God Bless America".
[I]n consequence of this power-grab, and the false claim that makes it possible, the Courts have purported to forbid prayer and other religious elements in government funded schools, activities and projects authorized by the people;
Now, see, this is just what we in the trade call a "flat lie". You'd think that people who are all about the religion thing would take that bit about "not bearing false witness" more seriously.
[T]hey are attempting to deny the sovereign right of the people as a whole to define the public standard of marriage in accordance with their moral beliefs and practices;
Yeah! Can't let our white women marry black men! That would be immoral! And nobody wants it to happen! (The previous statement fell through a time warp from 1961. Fits, though.)

And they have an ambitious program of legislation they'd like to see put in place.

Pretty impressive, huh? I really wonder what on earth they mean by "ordering taxpayers to pay lawyers who seek to erode our national relationship with God", though. For that matter, I wonder what "our national relationship with God" is. They apparently think we're the Nation of Israel or something. Only without the gefilte fish.

It's an impressive document. They've pulled in bits from all sorts of sources including Winston Churchill, which is particularly funny given that one of the things they're railing about is the USSC giving any consideration to foreign laws. I don't know if I've ever seen so much concentrated wrongheaded thinking in one place.

Don't forget, though: these are the people who, in large part, brought us two terms of George W. Bush. Laugh at them, yes, but don't just laugh at them.

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